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Civil Defense and Emergencies Conference, Seville, June 29th 2023

Sosdesaparecidos, within the LOST2 project will participate in the Civil Defense and
Emergencies Conference, Seville, June 29th 2023.

Missing persons are a tragic and distressing reality that affects thousands of families around
the world. Behind every disappearance case there is a story full of pain, uncertainty, and hope.
Raising awareness on this issue is crucial to effectively address this issue and provide support
to affected families. In this article, we will explore the importance of missing persons
awareness and how each of us can make a difference.

Awareness of missing persons is critical to addressing this issue and providing support to
affected families. Through education, prevention, collaboration, and the use of technology,
Civil Defense professionals make a difference in the search for and reunification of missing
persons, since this unit is the first spearhead in a search for the land. These units are never
indifferent to this tragic reality.

Laura Canca, a collaborator with sosdesaparecidos in Andalusia, will touch on the most
important factors and explain the importance of the LOST2 Project when it comes to dealing
with the disappearance of a disappeared person and their families.

Raising Awareness: The first step in addressing the problem of missing persons is to raise
awareness about their existence and the difficulties their families face. Often times, these
stories do not receive adequate media attention, making it difficult to resolve and seek justice.
Public awareness can help boost search efforts and ensure that missing person cases are not

Education and prevention: Awareness about missing persons not only involves disseminating
information about specific cases, but also educating society on how to prevent these
situations. Teaching basic safety measures, such as not talking to strangers or promptly
reporting any suspicions, can help prevent unnecessary disappearances.

Collaboration and support: Raising awareness about missing persons also involves fostering
collaboration between the community, law enforcement and specialized organizations that
specialize in finding people. Promoting communication and information sharing is vital to
increase the chances of finding missing persons and supporting their families in these difficult

Use of technology: In the digital age we live in, technology can be a powerful tool in the
search for missing persons. Awareness of the latest technologies available, such as mobile
search applications and facial recognition systems, can help streamline tracing and
reunification efforts.

Do not be indifferent: Awareness about missing persons also implies personal responsibility
not to be indifferent to this problem. Each of us can make a difference by being attentive to
our surroundings, disseminating relevant information about disappearance cases, and
supporting affected families with empathy and compassion.

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